Will of Love

For tomorrow I shall die,

And if God allow it will,

From this world of cherished lie

Only one thing taketh still:

The look in your eye.

And if He a question asked:

What your soul would care to keep?

I would just enclose one thing

For a feeling quite so deep:

The love that you give.

No beginning and no end,

Our love shall forever stand;

That my will so written be (mai mult…)

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Broken wings

For your steps I shall never follow

From true heights I shall bitterly stumble

While the void I feel is hollow

Death shall invade my endless temple.

You, that so distant a road would take,

May you understand my lonely fate (mai mult…)

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Solitude in Athens

On a Saturday evening, while I was getting out from the shower, all covered in towels, I heard the phone ringing. It was my friend, Mi.:

– Hello, how are you, where are you?, she asked quickly, without waiting for my answer.

It meant she wanted to say something urgent and quite important to her.

– You’re like a policeman! I’m home, I’ve just had a shower…I said, sitting by the stove to warm up.

– Perfect, she said, put on something sexy, some make-up, a little perfume and come by my house for a coffee! (mai mult…)

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