My toughts


1. Racism is the fear of equality.

2. Making politics doesn’t mean condamning others to poverty.

3. Don’t ask me how much i suffer, just listen to the echo!

4. I can’t understand why unhappiness chose my face to smile to the world.

5. I am a sentence, why are you trying to see me otherwise?

6. Obsession is a genius’s inspiration.

7. I regret not knowing what i was before i was born: i miss the comparison!

8. Marriage is a routine legalized by the others.

9. In love, i have always gone bankrupt.

10. An irrecoverable unfortunate like me doesn’t try to treat himself, but to find the cause of his disease.


1. The aim of life is not to love as many people as you can and then forget them, but to feed as many as you can with love.

2. No woman withers in your soul if you „water” her with love every day.

3. Better drunk than happy. You forget the drunkenness, but never the happiness.

4. Men want us to be perfect. This does not convince me to accept them the way they are.

5. Real values don’t need publicity, just recognition.

6. We live in an „artificial” world in which the only remaining truth is…ILLUSION.

7. Only after creating Eve did God start polishing Adam.

8. I feel like a convict trying to escape prison on the wings of imagination.

9. I am not afraid of people, but of their thoughts.

10. Let me drink from where the tears are born: you’ll forget to cry and i’ll forget to be thirsty.


1. I have learnt to keep silent only after i had realised i wasn’t loved anymore.

2. Some look for death and throw themselves into its arms, others meet it and avoid it.

3. Only the dead can “speak” of endless happiness. We, the living, are just looking for it.

4. Men like strong mistresses and innocent wives.

5. When young, you look for love and happiness. When mature, you look for pleasure. When old you wonder: why?

6. Before regretting that your wife left you, you must see whether she exists in your life or not.

7. The bachelor’s marriage proposal: would you be my wife today and this night and tomorrow go and get a divorce because i don’t think i can stand you and be faithful to you for more than 24 hours?

8. You can’t be perfect in a relationship if the one next to you doesn’t help.

9. When i fell inlove with you i didn’t ask you if you knew how to love…I Just hoped you’d try.

10. Being rich means being full, not happy .


1. Don’t expect everything from the one who loves you, just the half he owes you.

2. Men call unhappiness „routine”. Women call it „destiny”.

3. A kiss is the touch of souls in the breath’s warm embrace.

4. Don’t try to make your point in front of somebody who has never had the chance to speak.

5. No matter where the storm comes from, turn your back on it.

6. The unhappy write the history and the happy correct it.

7. Unhappiness is a disease that a doctor never speaks of because nobody has found a cure yet.

8. Once you have drunk from the cup of love, you dream of getting drunk again all your life.

9. What force destroys love and what for? And why does the future remain homeless, crying in the eyes of children after each war?

10. I have burnt in the flame of passion many times, but from the ashes of memories a different body was reborn each time.


1. Nationality doesn’t define us as people, but it inscribes us in the historic present of a nation.

2. People think that love is like a bird reborn from its own ashes. Under one condition: the spark must remain.

3. Love is like a harmless fan. Its only „weapon” is the forgetfulness it leaves behind after each ending.

4. Don’t try to „cure” a man who hangs out with more women. You will gain time divorcing.

5. The greatest disappointment of a woman comes when she realises that her husband „calls on her” only when he doesn’t have another „alternative”.

6. The consolation of an unhappy wife are the children, and of a bored husband: the mistresses.

7. Men are the greatest meat lovers: before a steak and looking at a woman, they have the same reaction: „it’s so good!”

8. The difference between „happy” and „unhappy” is that the former „believe” they are happy, and the latter admit they never were.

9. My biggest mistake is that, in love, i searched the perfection of the world.

10. By living…YOU Become a philosopher.


1. I never live in the present, only in the past, outlining the future.

2. When the glass is full, leave the table !

3. When alive, you gather questions; after you die, you pick up the answers.

4. Don’t talk about love to a famished person, he might ask for a piece of it.

5. When in love, i would go to hell for that soul. I wonder if i could come back without it?

6. I appreciate imagination better than the sex itself.

7. To cure alcohol addiction, you must learn to drink water.

8. When you are looking for someone and you can’t find him, call him to you!

9. Sorrow is the sunset of love.

10. I am a colourless immigrant for a democratic society.


1. Money can’t build a man but it can burry him quite easily.

2. Man doesn’t lie, he just hides behind words.

3. Love starts with a kiss and ends with a spit.

4. Gelousy is the fear of abandon.

5. Men fake romanticism at the beginning of a relationship, and women-pleasure after the end of it.

6. Instead of a man, i’d rather have a glass of wine. I’ll never cry after it.

7. Truth hurts, but it heals naivety.

8. I learnt from my mother that happiness does not exist, from my father- not to care about it.

9. Don’t steal somebody else’s love, find yours.

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